life is weird

“Hey, remember like seven years ago when we were both single and working brunch at the bar on weekends?” I said to my friend, Mike. This was last Friday as we were crammed into the back seat of a 4-wheel drive SUV, raging up and down a bank of sand dunes. As the car perched … More life is weird

light expectations

Christmas Eve, 2015. I’m writing on our balcony, drinking some coffee and eating pomegranate seeds waiting for my family to wake up. They flew in last night after nearly 24 hours of travel with a layover in Amsterdam. We had some late-night delivery Lebanese and talked about our itinerary for the week, jobs, neighbors back … More light expectations

you don’t get to decide how things like this happen

A few months ago, my beloved Sushi-cat died. It was so sad, and so terrible, and even now I feel like he’s a little phantom limb. It’s still strange to me to only have one cat, although she’s quite the companion, my little Small Troubled Cat. We had talked in terms of “when,” not in terms … More you don’t get to decide how things like this happen

they’re heavy, and they’re slowing me down

Ten hectic chaotic days Stateside later, and we’ve wrapped the requisite bachelorette party and done six months’ worth of wedding planning in about four days. Trips home are now riddled with errand-running. You come “home” once or twice a year, and it’s dentist, coffee-dates, teary dinners with friends you’ve only seen over Skype in months, … More they’re heavy, and they’re slowing me down