Home. Baltimore. April showers are actually flurries sometimes in the unseasonable cold. Sirens, horns honking, streets slick with rain. In some neighborhoods the houses are vacant and the corners are patrolled. In others, the eggs are locally sourced and the beer is craft. Everything is so loudly and unabashedly American, and we walked back into … More Repats.

72 Hours

Last night, after two days of being in a holding pattern in Amsterdam, we finally flew home to Abu Dhabi. Going to the airport was as difficult as you might imagine but the normality of everything – standing in line, checking in – was a helpful first step. There will be a lot of first … More 72 Hours

22-3-16 Brussels

Two days ago, my husband and I were on our way to the airport. We had just had a lovely three days exploring a new European city, meeting new friends, tasting beers and wines, eating all of the best street food Europe can offer, and ordering things we didn’t recognize in mangled French. The three … More 22-3-16 Brussels

those nonnegotiable parts of yourself – vision boarding

Six months ago, my husband was out of the country for a wedding and on a Saturday afternoon I invited a group of ladyfriends over to do some vision boarding. The email started with a disclaimer – “I know this may not be your thing, but hear me out…” and I was surprised when nearly … More those nonnegotiable parts of yourself – vision boarding

a new story, not a continuation of where we were before

  Over the last two years of living overseas, it has not been uncommon to wake up in the morning and feel a bit confused about where and who I am. “I’m in Abu Dhabi. In the Middle East. With my husband. Oh yeah, I’m married now. That happened too.” This regular recalibration sometimes happens throughout the … More a new story, not a continuation of where we were before

something completely amazing and mildly traumatic

I recently wrote a piece for Sass magazine’s online content (“Living an Expat Life“); a short-and-sweet 500 word listicle that I agonized over for three weeks before sending in. As far as freelancing goes, it was one of the more difficult pieces I’ve ever written. Because – -it seems cosmically appropriate that during this time I not … More something completely amazing and mildly traumatic