for the survivors.

Note: On the morning of March 22, 2016, my husband and I were in the Brussels airport bombings as we were checking in for our flight. This, and several other blog posts, reference those attacks and the trauma that followed. We both walked away from the attacks physically unharmed but the emotional and psychological tolls … More for the survivors.


We’ve moved five times in the last two and a half years, if you count the initial international relocation which I do because moving is awful and terrible no matter what.  This move is a bit more special, though, and that’s because for the first time we’re moving into a house where we get to … More Moved.


The American work ethic is staggering, we all know this. I found a similar pace in Abu Dhabi, where so many people – and sometimes their entire families – are tethered to their jobs through visas and relocation packages. There’s a feeling that your job owns you and, on paper, they kind of technically do. … More Werk.

distraction is part of the process. (right?)

I have a huge problem with writing. It’s a huge distraction from the rest of my life. The best writers were introverts, right? Burrowing away like hermits in horrible climates (extreme heat or cold are the best environments) and painstakingly digging away at their craft. The castoff papers piling up around them, the ashtray filling … More distraction is part of the process. (right?)

hotel livin’

A sometimes inevitable part of the expat experience is a prolonged hotel stay. We’re now going on almost a month (minus the 3 nights we spent in our flat before we moved out) with another three weeks to go in our current place. The previous month was spent in hotels in Belgium, a little extended … More hotel livin’