Updates! And where you can find me these days…

working on the roof deck
There has been a lot of this as of late.

The years teach us much the days never knew. – Emerson

I have not updated this blog in one year.


HOWEVER – I have written more in the last year than I have written in probably the last five years combined.

The reason for the slow down on this site is actually a really exciting one: I finally get to be a writer in my full-time day job. The less-than-exciting news is that I no longer get to own as much of my own content. That’s the deal with being a staff writer, but it’s not a bad problem to have. I’ve spent many years working in Communications trying to take on more and more writing work, so the fact that I actually have the word “Writer” in my official job title is a big win. 

So, I’m writing more than ever but less for myself. You can find some updates on my work in public health and higher education via Twitter, @voxlindsaysmith. 

On the side, however, I am thrilled to continue to be a contributor for the smart and on-point Sass Magazine (check out my summer feature on women in agriculture!) and am always open to new opportunities. 

And, of course, I also have my spinning side hustle. It’s now been a year since I got certified and have been teaching classes on the side. My 6AM spinners are champions. I could not be happier that two of my favorite things, writing and spinning, have taken over my life.

Moving forward, I have big plans for a reboot of this site and to start taking on more freelance work. This has been a really exciting time for me, both personally and professionally, and I’m eager to continue to work on my craft as a writer who is interested in a broad spectrum of topics for a myriad of sources.

In the meantime, for regular updates from our adventures in Baltimore City and around the world—or perhaps you just want to look at lots of pictures of cats, food, books, airplane wings and wine—request to follow my Instagram @thenewglitterati. 

Thanks for stopping by, and please do connect with me on any of the above platforms! Big things to come, and I’m so excited. 


Summer drink: Rosé all day, of course. In February, we went on an amazing trip to Napa and Sonoma, and so these days I’ve really been prioritizing Gloria Ferrer’s Brut Rosé. Which is a fancy way of saying “rosé all day—with bubbles.”

Summer snack: I’m going through about a pound and a half of cherries a week. I also can’t keep my hands off of these Mint Frozen Greek Yogurt Sandwiches.

Summer travel plans: We’ve already hit up Meow Wolf in Santa Fe (GO, GO, GO GO!!!!), and Curaçao and Montauk are on the books.

Summer reading: Half of a Yellow Sun, Shrill, Rabbit Cake, All the Missing Girls, Hillbilly Elegy, Real Artists Have Day Jobs, Lab Girl, and The Third Wife. More to come.

Best summer movie: Okja. Laughed, cried, considering vegetarian options more often.

Summer TV binge: OITNB knocked it out of the park on Season 5.

Summer challenge: Becoming more confident riding my bike on Baltimore City streets. Be careful opening your car doors when you parallel park, please!

Summer podcasts: Such a crush on these two over at Call Your Girlfriend. And, when it all becomes too much, let a little humor guide you through politics with Fake the Nation.

Oh, and finally, you can follow my cat on Instagram. You’re welcome.




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  1. So glad to see you back at it and supporting yourself through writing (#livingthedream)! I may need to pick your brain a bit in the near future about submitting to magazines… Keep enjoying your summer. xo

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