morale-damaging cardboard boxes (and sweet summatime!)

If I trip over another box, I will sue the owner of this house. Wait…

Took a bit of a hiatus while we moved into the new house, bought a car, and contemplated our first mortgage payment. Welcome home!

A few things I’m chewing on these days:

PHYSICAL HEALTH – I got a Fitbit for my birthday (happy 34 to me!) and all of this data is really helping me identify some weak spots in my overall health. Sleeping is probably the worst – I’m averaging about 50% efficiency on that which is terrible. Right now it’s trial and error to see what helps and what doesn’t. I’ve also been in physical therapy for the last 5 or so weeks to address a nagging injury from marathon training and I’m happy to say that I’m pain-free for the first time during runs and cycling! Dry needling is no joke – they take a long acupuncture needle and stick it right in the problem spots. Epic muscle twitch, some soreness after, but the next day those knots are soft as butter. Sweet relief, especially as we launched half-marathon training this week. Lots of pavement pounding to come.

PROFESSIONAL ENRICHMENT – I’ve been contemplating my love of spin for awhile and finally ponied up and am doing a certification program. I’ve done the classroom and online workshops, now just readying for the exam. I’m looking forward to hopefully teaching a couple days a week at the gym.

JOB SEARCHING – Almost as much fun as online dating. Anyone looking to hire a writer/Communications professional? Resume here. Creativity and writing are a must, within walking distance of my house preferred but not mandatory.

UNPACKING BOXES – The bulk of my work these past few months has been unpacking boxes. So many boxes. How we went from a flat in Abu Dhabi to a rowhouse in Baltimore and still somehow have TOO MUCH STUFF is beyond me. Where did all these cups come from? Why are there so many t-shirts? And why do we suddenly have ZERO towels? Did I do nothing in Abu Dhabi but collect cups and t-shirts? SERIOUSLY, WHERE ARE THE TOWELS?

HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS – Thus far, “home improvement” has consisted of “getting all of the now morale-damaging cardboard boxes out of the house.” As the boxes disappear and things find their respective homes, projects begin to pop up. We can’t live with these brown tables, let’s refinish them. This pink bathroom cannot endure – it needs to be sea salt green.

FREELANCING – latest feature here, and another in the works!

SUMMERING IN BALTIMORE – Thursday Kickball, picnics in the park, hiking, lake visits, sea visits, rooftop and stoop sittin’, outdoor movies, and all of the fun things that Baltimore has to offer in the summer are being steadily taken advantage of. Because it can’t all be unpacking boxes and cycling and looking for jobs.


2 thoughts on “morale-damaging cardboard boxes (and sweet summatime!)

  1. Yay! A new post. And have no fear about unpacking… We moved in February and there is still art to go on the walls. And I’m thinking about buying more posters. I wish you could be my spin instructor today — we’re in with the Dutch beast at Flywheel. 🙂 (PS, I also have TONS of towels, so maybe you left them here on your way out??)

  2. Maybe I left my towels with your hummus…..jkjkjk. I know, it takes time! Your place looks fabo tho, I wouldn’t have noticed missing art on walls. I will totally come guest-teach at Flywheel!

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