We’ve moved five times in the last two and a half years, if you count the initial international relocation which I do because moving is awful and terrible no matter what. 

Kitchen nightmares.

This move is a bit more special, though, and that’s because for the first time we’re moving into a house where we get to be our own landlords. Ideally one out of which which we won’t be kicked because someone sold the property without informing the tenants or one where if the AC breaks we’ll get it fixed promptly. 

It’s our first time as homeowners and the first time in years (actually probably in our adult lives) where we’ll unpack something and reasonably imagine it will still be there a year, two years, maybe even three years from now. This is an incredible luxury and one I am now ready to appreciate. I’ve moved 19 times in the last 16 years since I went to college. Time for a nap.

But first – I have an entire house to unpack and shake the sand out of (seriously, how did so much Abu Dhabi sand wind up following us here?!). Also, HOW DID WE WIND UP WITH SO MANY COFFEE MUGS???? 


One thought on “Moved.

  1. Werd. Upon arrival to DXB, we wondered HOW THE HELL DID WE GET SO MANY GLASSES? NO ONE NEEDS THIS MANY. (All the best to you and if you want a postcard, send me your new address!!!) Much love yo you and teh kittehs.

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