distraction is part of the process. (right?)

I have a huge problem with writing. It’s a huge distraction from the rest of my life. The best writers were introverts, right? Burrowing away like hermits in horrible climates (extreme heat or cold are the best environments) and painstakingly digging away at their craft. The castoff papers piling up around them, the ashtray filling … More distraction is part of the process. (right?)

hotel livin’

A sometimes inevitable part of the expat experience is a prolonged hotel stay. We’re now going on almost a month (minus the 3 nights we spent in our flat before we moved out) with another three weeks to go in our current place. The previous month was spent in hotels in Belgium, a little extended … More hotel livin’


Home. Baltimore. April showers are actually flurries sometimes in the unseasonable cold. Sirens, horns honking, streets slick with rain. In some neighborhoods the houses are vacant and the corners are patrolled. In others, the eggs are locally sourced and the beer is craft. Everything is so loudly and unabashedly American, and we walked back into … More Repats.