total hibernation mode

I asked Siri to please turn on Netflix and order delivery sushi for me. Don’t play dumb, Siri. She is so rude. 

After a month of holidays, guests, and travel there comes the inevitable funk. The alarm goes off, you lift your head out of the remnants of a mince pie with some confetti still in your hair and realize that you left your toothbrush in the airport bathroom. And that you’re late for work. A rude awakening.

So you go to work, and you go to the grocery store, and you do your laundry, and you wonder how the hell you managed to do all of these things while working five whole days a week (sometimes more, if you’re a freelancer!) without a vacation or guest in sight.

An excellent antidote to this downer is the realization that you’re also terribly behind in your Netflix watching. You should get on that, stat. Who needs a new toothbrush when you still have an inch of mouthwash left in the bottle? We don’t need groceries, everywhere in Abu Dhabi delivers!

Long story short, I am in total hibernation mode. We are having a “cold spell” here in the Dhabs, it’s been in the lower 60’s and cloudy the past few days. In a city that’s built to keep cool, this does actually make things feel quite drafty and I’ve been more than happy to curl up on the sofa to catch up on all of my tee-vee’ing. The Affair is our current binge-watch and there are some excellent creepy documentaries floating around that I have my eye on.

This hibernating has an expiration date, however. Next weekend we are heading north to camp and participate in Wadi Bih, a 72km, 8-hour team running relay up and down the mountains that border the UAE and Oman. I’m pretty sure my teammates would mind terribly if I decided to nap the day away, not only because then they’d have to run my legs but also because I am the one who rented the 4×4 to drive us up and down the steep switchback mountain “roads.”

I’m hoping for a resurgence in creative energy in the coming weeks as well, but for now I’m mostly just feeling sapped and tapped. In the meantime, maybe just one more night of couch time….




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