travel break – Vietnam

Still adjusting back to life after holidays, guests, and a spectacular trip to Vietnam with good friends. This means work and laundry and grocery shopping and all of those mundane things that seem so impossibly tiring after a vacation. In the meantime, please enjoy some snaps of the incredible country that is Vietnam. For reference, … More travel break – Vietnam

think of the hellos or, even better, the hello-agains

One of the inevitable aspects of expatdom is a lot of hellos and goodbyes. Sometimes in a seemingly very short span of time. The UAE, a country known for being majority expat in population, is an especially transient place. People come and go on a rotating basis, and after awhile you get used to saying goodbye. … More think of the hellos or, even better, the hello-agains

life is weird

“Hey, remember like seven years ago when we were both single and working brunch at the bar on weekends?” I said to my friend, Mike. This was last Friday as we were crammed into the back seat of a 4-wheel drive SUV, raging up and down a bank of sand dunes. As the car perched … More life is weird