Werk it

Iceland, New Years, 2015 – the excitement of a totally new frontier. If that was a reach for a caption, I’m ok with it, because this picture is awesome.

I’ve recently dipped a toe back into the freelancing world with a fantastic new project that I am SO excited about (more on that soon), and then today I was set up on a “friend date.” A mutual friend suggested that one of her friends who loves things like writing and champagne get in touch with me, who also happens to love things like writing and champagne. I Google-stalked prior to our meeting and was SO impressed by this ladyfriend of my ladyfriend! We had a great discussion about writing and inspiration and the craziness of living in the Middle East as expats. Her work has really inspired me to get back to one of the most important things a writer can do – show that shit off! Tell the world who you are! (In Comm speak, this means – BUILD YOUR DAMN BRAND.)

I’ve had a great return to writing in the last few months (now that I am no longer planning a wedding from 7,500 miles away), but none of it has lived here. I am excited to breathe some fresh life into this space in a much more focused way. My professional life has led me down some really interesting paths lately, including a specialization in digital marketing, and I’m hoping to find some overlap here with writing which is also really exciting. All in all, there’s lots of exciting stuff going on both personally and creatively, and I’m really excited to showcase some of this exciting stuff here on this exciting blog.

Are you excited yet?



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